How to Prepare for Your Freshman Year

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A group of students walks down the sidewalk at BJU

Congratulations! You finished your final year of high school. Though your graduation celebrations may be a little anticlimactic due to the coronavirus, this achievement is something to celebrate.

You likely are eagerly anticipating the next phase of life as a freshman at BJU. While you may not feel ready, college is quickly approaching. How can you prepare for being a student at BJU? Below are three ways to prepare for your freshman year.

1. Plan to attend summer orientation

This year BJU summer orientation is online. Make plans to attend one of the two virtual orientations, held June 19 and 26 from 2–5 p.m. EDT.

Before orientation begins, be sure you communicate the dates and times of orientation to your parent(s). (Your parent(s) will want to be present.) Additionally, be sure you and your parent(s) take a look at this brief schedule of the orientation.

Before orientation you will need:

  • To download Zoom Client for Meetings onto your laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • To come prepared to connect with current students and faculty members.
  • To come prepared to ask questions about academics, student life, finances, and more.

Even though orientation is online, you want to make the most of summer orientation. Take the time to sit down and write down or type out these questions for later. Keep in mind that asking questions early on is better than waiting until you arrive on campus in the fall.

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So what kinds of questions should you ask? Consider asking questions about the following topics:

You likely will forget to ask some questions or wish you asked more questions. Feel free to send your admission counselor an email or make a phone call!

2. Connect with your future professors and future classmates

During the orientation, you will have an opportunity to connect with college professors and students in your major or school. Take full advantage of this opportunity.

If you are quieter by nature, you may feel awkward speaking up or initiating a conversation. Is this normal? Yes, but don’t let feeling uncomfortable keep you from taking advantage of this orientation in these two ways:

  • Remember that your professors are there for you! They want to get to know you, so now is the time to make a good first impression. Speak up, smile, listen, and be friendly.
  • Remember that the other new students are likely feeling just as uncomfortable. Making the first move by introducing yourself or connecting afterward over social media means you’ll have at least one or more familiar faces when you move onto campus and go to your first major classes.

3. Understand your college major checklist

Toward the end of orientation, you will be able to connect with professors in your area of study. Come prepared for this time by looking at your major’s course requirements.

If your questions may apply to others in your orientation session, don’t be afraid to ask these questions. Others are likely wanting to ask the same questions. However, if you have questions that only apply to you, consider asking the professor if you can email them your questions later.

Toward the end of orientation, you will also hear about ways in which you can prepare to academically succeed at college. Consider asking about academic resources available to you as a freshman. BJU provides study sessions, a writing center and more to all students to help them succeed.

Transitioning to college life will take time. Even after orientation, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry. Experiencing these feelings are normal. Before you know it, orientation will be over and you will be arriving for your first welcome week at BJU.