“Gay Christianity”?

Renton Rathbun and Steve Noble explore what the Bible says about homosexuals and so-called gay Christians.


The Center for Biblical Worldview exists to support all the BJU entities by aligning them with one unified vision of biblical worldview.


Biblical worldview is God’s explanation of God’s world through God’s Word for God’s image bearers.


Image bearers interpret God’s world using God’s Word in order to align with God’s explanation.

Dr. Renton Rathbun, Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview at Bob Jones University, is committed to innovation in biblical worldview through partnership with faculty, staff, and students – which begins in the heart, is refined by the mind, and leads to service to others.

The Center for Biblical Worldview seeks to come along side families, churches, and educational institutions to make biblical thinking the foundation of the Christian life. All of life.

As Bob Jones Sr. stated, “For a Christian, life is not divided into the secular and the sacred. All ground is holy ground—every bush, a burning bush.”

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