Making the Most of BJU Summer Orientation

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BJU Summer Orientation, Photo by Elaina Goodman

At BJU Summer Orientation you meet people and get information. You know . . . get “oriented,” figure out what college is like. You get a schedule, and you do what it says. But how do you make the most of orientation?

Hi, I’m Lauren, a junior humanities major (yes, that is a major and I love it), and let me share my in-hindsight advice for orientation.

Talk, Talk, TALK

When I attended BJU Summer Orientation, I should have talked with more people, including the following:

  • Faculty members—Get to know more about your program through a personal conversation or the major mixer lunch. Ask specific questions. Learn about their stories and experience. I’ve seen how much they invest in students, and you are no exception. Parents, talk with faculty members, too.
  • Orientation leaders—Who is more qualified to give practical advice? Ask these students about their best and worst experiences. Ask how they get involved at BJU. Oh, and don’t forget to ask, “What makes your room like home, and what should stay at home?”
  • Fellow classmates—Meet people in your major. You will be spending a lot of time with classmates in your program, so start getting to know them. Try to meet people in other programs, too. Trust me, down the road you’ll want friends that aren’t in all your classes.

Aim to talk to one person from each category. Knowing people makes your college experience vibrant, so start talking now.

Take Care of Busy Work

Taking care of my to-do list during orientation made my first week of school much easier. Prioritize these tasks during orientation:

  • Device set-up—Visit Technology Resources to set up your devices for Wifi, free Microsoft Office and free printing.
  • Placement tests—Find out which classes you do and don’t need to take before completing your class registration.
  • Auditions—Music majors, minors and non-majors can complete their auditions for lessons.
  • Information Fair—Learn what resources BJU offers, including student employment. Even if you already have a fall job or aren’t planning to work, check out available options. You might find a job you’d like to do later, or you could recommend one to a friend.

BJU Summer Orientation Misconceptions

Summer Orientation is only an introduction to college, so be aware of a few things that won’t happen during your two-day preview.

  • Misconception #1: You’ll become friends with everyone you meet. Some people will stay acquaintances, and that’s OK. But you never know where meeting someone will lead, so at least introduce yourself to those you run into. (You too, fellow introverts.)
  • Misconception #2: You’ll know everything. Before I started college, I wanted to figure out how everything, literally everything, works. But head knowledge doesn’t teach everything. Hence the term life experience. So just wait; you’ll figure out college in due time.
  • Misconception #3: Having a major set in stone is crucial. Actually, orientation is the perfect time to explore options. Go to major-specific sessions that interest you and talk to faculty members in different fields. Two years ago I had picked my major but still didn’t have a career in mind. I wish I had talked to faculty members related to my interests, so don’t pass up that opportunity.

BJU Summer Orientation is designed to help you, so take advantage of as much help as you can.