Student Directs Horton Foote’s “The Dancers”

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The Dancers

BJU’s Performance Hall will be home to another great production by the theatre arts students. Pulitzer Prize winner Horton Foote’s The Dancers, a young adult romance, will be directed by senior Gabrielle Prairie. Prairie and her cast will bring this adorable story to life Feb. 21–23.

Choosing a Direction

The BJU theatre arts program encourages its students to participate in different areas of each production. When it came to her senior project, Prairie wasn’t sure what to choose. She has been primarily an actress in past student productions. But this time a professor encouraged her to choose directing. Ron Pyle, chairman of the theatre arts department, stumbled upon The Dancers, proposed it to Prairie, and she loved it.

A Relatable Story

Prairie and her cast agree that the play is easy to relate to. It tells the story of Horace, a timid teenager about to graduate high school. His family pushes him to do things that he lacks the confidence to do himself. But events take a turn when Horace meets Mary Catherine.

The Dancers has humor, rejection, pettiness, friendship and some dancing. But this coming of age story offers more than what’s at surface level.

Don’t Miss Out

“You can come and see [the play] in a shallow way,” said Prairie, “but it’s actually rooted in a lot of truth.”

It speaks to something most people have experienced: facing fears, standing up for oneself, and helping others to do the same.

The Dancers teaches a lesson on bravery. Prairie hopes that through the play the audience may realize they are not alone in their struggle. Instead, they can be like Horace and say “let’s be scared together and do it anyways.”

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