Protocols Remain for Start of Second Semester

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We here at BJU are excited to be returning in January for on-campus, in-person classes second semester. With cases of COVID-19 increasing across the country, the BJU administration is looking carefully at what we need to do to guard the health of the campus community as students return. For as long as necessary, we will follow the protocols we had in place first semester. As we progress through the semester, we will gradually ease up on protocols — like some masking requirements — when we believe it is safe to do so.

Now, it is time to consider what it will take to get us off to a good start second semester. Here’s what you can expect.

  • We will start where we left off with the same protocols — basically the 4 W’s.
  • When students check in, we will ask them to show their green screen on the HealthCheck tool. (Residence hall students will check in at their residence hall, and day students will check in at the Student Development and Discipleship Office in the Welcome Center.)
  • Until Feb. 1, we will have fewer than normal activities — for example, we’ll delay intramural sports—to limit exposure to anyone who may have brought the virus back to campus.
  • As we go through the semester, our hope is to gradually lift protocols — for example, taking masks off in classes and chapel after prayer.
  • If Greenville-area churches have a significant number of COVID-19 cases in mid-January, we will offer the option of attending church on campus for a few weeks.

As of Jan. 1, students, faculty and staff should practice caution and limit their potential exposure to the virus. All of us need to do everything possible to avoid bringing the virus back to campus. Please start using your daily HealthCheck screen and practicing the 4 W’s during the days before returning to campus. If you are sick or have symptoms the last couple of weeks of the break, go ahead and get tested. If you test positive — as we did first semester — we will work with you to adjust your return date.