We welcome you back to BJU as we return to on-campus, in-person classes for fall 2020. Our highest priority is successful student learning in a healthy and safe environment. We are providing a detailed yet general plan that will by necessity leave some of the many questions and concerns you have unanswered.

The conditions that arise from the COVID-19 pandemic are regularly changing, and as a result, so are our responses. We will be constantly reviewing and adapting our policies throughout the year and will provide regular updates (highlighted in blue) on BJUtoday.

Current Active Cases

Isolation Hospitalizations

Student isolation and quarantine space available:

BJU will resume reporting positive cases of COVID-19 after second semester begins on Jan. 11.


1 The number of current cases reflects active COVID-19 cases for students and faculty/staff whether in isolation in Reveal or off campus.

2 The number of faculty/staff includes only employees of BJU, Inc.

3 The quarantine/isolation space available percentage reflects the current occupancy of our primary quarantine facility. Should the need arise, we also have an auxiliary facility that is available for use.

4 In keeping with NCAA protocols, all intercollegiate athletes will be tested 72 hours prior to any sporting event in which they are participating.

5 Isolation is provided for those who have tested positive for COVID-19.



General Guidelines

Letter from the President

As we return to campus for the fall semester, BJU seeks to promote health, protect the vulnerable and support Christian love and compassion. We can do that by applying the “four W’s”:

  • Wear a face covering
  • Watch distance
  • Wash hands
  • Wipe surfaces


Academic Details

BJU has returned to on-campus, in-person instruction as part of our commitment to deliver the best student learning experience possible. Faculty have been actively working on a variety of contingency plans and are prepared to deliver instruction if circumstances change over the semester.

Screening & Testing

Screening & Testing Info

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe campus environment. To help ensure that, everyone who entered campus at the beginning of the semester went through a screening station. Once classes began, students are required to pass a symptom check each morning in order to gain entrance to classes.

Dining Services

Dining Services Info

BJU Dining Services staff has modified hours, occupancy, seating arrangements, cleaning schedules, menus and more at its locations across campus to ensure the safety of guests.

Medical Care

Medical Care Guidelines

BJU has established a new Student Health Services Office (SHS) to assist students with medical information and to facilitate medical care. This office is located in Reveal and can be reached at (864) 241-1685.

Training & Education

  • On Aug. 16 all students received general training and information about all COVID-19 policies and procedures as we began the fall 2020 semester.
  • Faculty and staff received detailed instructions about areas of operation, academic plans, building usage and events during opening meetings.
  • Student leadership received specific instruction with regard to both personal and community care during student leadership training.

Buildings & Facilities

Buildings & Facilities Details

All buildings and facilities operate in keeping with guidance for physical distancing, which are encouraged through the usage of signage on doors and floors. Face coverings (masks) are required in all university buildings.

Events & Activities

Events & Activities Info

Events have been adjusted to allow for the application of COVID-19 protocols. This may result in limiting the frequency, the size of groups, the chosen venue and the seating capacity. Events that cannot accommodate these adjustments have been canceled. Some events have adjusted programs or have been moved to outdoor venues.