Pettit Welcomes the Student Body to Campus

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Dear students,

I am so excited to see you back! I hope you had a great summer as we did here at BJU. There have been so many changes on campus. We’re excited, and I think you’re going to be excited about a couple of wow factors down in the Alumni Building and the Den, especially.

As you engage in chapel services and hear God’s Word preached and then participate in classes, I hope you’ll grow spiritually. It’s my prayer that you will see how your faith is integrated to the world we live in and how we serve a big God who is real.

You will go through some trials, and you will learn to trust God more than you ever have before. You will make lifelong friends who will be with you in many ways for the rest of your life.

We’ve made some changes to our discipleship program. We have moved to life groups on Tuesday. This is going to engage the whole student body, and I believe that many of you will have opportunities to disciple that you’ve not had before. And I think God’s going to make a difference on the campus through those relationships.

My prayer is that this year you will experience a sense of God’s will being done in your life. That you realize that God is not just real, but His will, His plan, His purposes are being fulfilled through your life.


May God give you a full and rich year.

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Steve Pettit traveled for many years with the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team before becoming president of Bob Jones University. His ultimate goal for BJU is to prepare students to serve and love others, no matter their vocation.