What’s Different About this Photo? Campus Updates

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It might not be immediately noticeable, though removal of two sections of sidewalk covers near the Dixon-McKenzie Dining Common will be apparent on a rainy day.

Razing the structures, necessitated by deterioration, was accompanied by the removal of a sidewalk and the bushes flanking it near Georgia Creel Hall leading to the dining common. Grass and saplings have been planted alongside one wide sidewalk, which enhances the visual appeal of that section of campus.

Other updates to the campus footprint and infrastructure renovations over the summer include:

  • Renovation and technology updates to Alumni 110 and 210, which will be used as collaborative classrooms.
  • Removal of overgrown trees near the Davis Room of the dining common and at the corner of West Drive and Varsity Row, which opens a view of Davis Field House from front campus.
  • Sprucing up perennial flower beds and replanting shrubbery next to War Memorial Chapel.
  • Refurbishment of the Fremont Fitness Center.
  • Interior painting and renovation of Nell Sunday Hall.
  • General maintenance, such as roof repair/replacement and power washing, and mechanical updates to campus buildings.
  • Renovating The Den space previously occupied by the Bruins Shop into a student activity room. The Bruins Shop moved into space toward the front of the building.
  • Replacement of air conditioners and general prep of Ernest Reveal Hall first-floor apartments for occupancy by women graduate students and, depending on student numbers, some senior women students.

In recent years, Reveal has been occupied by various groups such as Student Life and IT, and some graduate assistants have lived in the apartments. Exercise Science faculty, some Athletic Department staff offices and student practice studios will continue to be housed in the building. Also, a portion of the basement will be repurposed for the campus piano repair shop.

Interior work continues at Mack Library to prepare a unified School of Health Professions location on the first floor. Library resources were relocated to the second floor this summer and the library will be open for regular hours during the fall semester.

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The School of Health Professions space, which will include labs, classrooms and common areas, is scheduled to be ready by August 2020.


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