Den Expansion Ready for Students

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Den expansion game room

The third space expansion to The Den is almost complete, and just in time for students returning this weekend.

Part of the 2019 Bible Conference offering was earmarked to fund the remodel of a section of The Den into a lounge. Alan Benson, vice president for student development and discipleship, said this addition was “not just adding a game room as much as it is the beginning of implementing a philosophy of home here on campus.”

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Several departments—including Marketing, Facilities and Art + Design faculty—came together to make the space a relaxing, “chill” environment for students. The result? Well, why don’t you just take a look for yourself?

Some finishing touches are in process. But the space, Benson said, is “miraculous.”

What Happened to the Bruins Shop?

The Den expansion didn’t eliminate the Bruins Shop as some feared. Instead, the Bruins Shop shifted to the front of the space. Not much of the stock has changed. Students can still find their pens, pencils, notebooks and Grademasters. And visitors can still find helpful resources in books and CDs.

Now, the exposed brick gives the shop a new aesthetic which ties it in with the rest of The Den. Check it out!