Pettit Introduces Fall 2019 Chapel Theme

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We are very excited about this semester’s chapel theme. It’s entitled Run the Race. Dr. Gary Weier says that he thinks this is one of the most important series for a student while they’re here at BJU. It’s really centered around the book of Hebrews, chapter 12. And that the Christian life is a life of faith, but it’s likened to a race. And the one quality that you need to finish the race is endurance.

Why is this so important? Because a part of Christian maturity and development that takes place here at Bob Jones is learning to endure, to stick it out, to persevere. We’ll take those studies that we’ll have on Monday in chapel and roll them over into the life groups that will be taking place in the societies on Tuesday. And our student body through peer-on-peer discipleship groups will be meeting, studying and praying through Hebrews 12. So, you can check us out and listen to these messages online at