Why Tim Tebow?

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Football star, humanitarian, Christian—three different ways to identify Tim Tebow. But he would tell you his identity is in Jesus Christ, not in his fame. In fact, he states in his book Shaken, “[Who] I am has nothing to do with wins or losses, applause or negative criticism. My identity is tied into whose I am.” This testimony is why the Bruins Foundation has invited Tebow to speak at this year’s Bruins Gala.

First held by the foundation three years ago, the Bruins Gala has featured Bobby Richardson—former Yankees player and University of South Carolina coach—and Bobby Bowden—former coach at Florida State University. Both men have taken a strong stand for Christ. But neither drew the attention Tebow has.

So, why did the Bruins Foundation choose Tim Tebow to speak at this year’s Gala?

He will draw a new audience to BJU

Tim is popular in circles outside of the “BJU bubble.” Bringing him in to speak at the Gala will draw to campus people who have never been to BJU. Some will come with no idea of what BJU is. Others will come with inaccurate ideas. This is an opportunity for the University to reach these new audiences—to correct misperceptions, to recruit prospective students, and to impact them for Christ.

He is a millennial who has stood for Christ under pressure

Tebow is close in age to current BJU students—the ones the Bruins Foundation is trying most to impact—while Bobby Richardson and Bobby Bowden are more removed from this generation. While college students can and should learn from older generations, Tim Tebow’s younger age will better demonstrate that young people, too, can stand for Christ and make a difference.

He is using sports as a platform for ministry

Tim is famous for writing Scripture references in his eye black and kneeling in prayer on the field. Everyone who knows of Tim Tebow knows that he believes in God and credits Him for his success—a living example of Romans 1:16. As he says in his book Through My Eyes, “I have learned that, though God is in control of the big picture, I am responsible for how I use my platform, whatever its size—at this moment in time—to influence others. … I have a platform that He can use for His good purposes and perhaps even the good of others—today.”

The Bruins strive to teach student-athletes how to use sports as a way to reach people for Christ by offering sports mission trips, providing community service opportunities, holding discipleship groups specifically for athletes, and bringing in examples of athletes who stand for Christ.

To learn more about the Bruins Gala or to buy tickets, visit bju.edu/tebow.


Krystal Allweil

Krystal Allweil is the content marketing specialist for BJU’s marketing department and is the managing editor for BJUtoday.