Finding Your Platform for Ministry

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On March 15 at Bob Jones University, Tim Tebow will be speaking on how he uses sports as a platform for sharing the Gospel. A Christian in the public spotlight, Tebow chose an alternative mission field by using his international sports fame to stand for Christ.

Regardless of your situation, you too can use what God has given you to influence others with the Gospel of Christ. And though like all of us Tim Tebow is hardly perfect, there are several lessons we can learn from his life on how we can turn our gifts into opportunities of influence.

Make the most of your opportunities now

Most of the world first knew Tim Tebow was a Christian when he started putting Bible verses under his eyes. But he didn’t wait till he was an NFL star to witness for Christ. In the Philippines as a missionary kid, in college as a student and an athlete, while training with his teammates—he witnessed and encouraged growth in those around him. He talked about the Lord, led Bible studies, and sought to be an example through Christian leadership.

God’s calling is now. Don’t wait until you are famous, have reached a certain age, have finished your degree or are plunged into the heart of Africa to start witnessing for Christ. Ministry begins with those around you. So start now.

Use your talents to reach new people

Tim was born in the Philippines to a missionary family where his father pastored and planted churches. Even after moving back to the States, his parents raised him with a focus on evangelism. Still, his own path toward ministry was very different. His parents recognized and encouraged his interest (and talent) in sports. And sports became his new platform for ministry.

Though not exactly a missionary and not a “tentmaker,” Tim Tebow has a platform for ministry that few others have. Still, he gained that platform through his God-given talent in sports. He has cultivated the talent that God gave him and uses it in a way that glorifies God and is a witness to others.

So cultivate the talents and interests that God has given you. Use them as opportunities to reach others for Christ that you might not meet otherwise.

As Tim Tebow puts it in his book Through My Eyes, “God gave us specific talents (abilities), He wants us not to bury or waste them. … I honestly believe that God receives joy when He sees me doing that with the skills He blessed me with.”

Make God your focus

Even as Tim Tebow was looking toward the NFL draft, he kept his focus on what God’s plan was for him. He had the opportunity to leave college a year early and join the NFL. He based his decision on where he felt he could be the best witness for Christ. He chose to finish his college career before going into the NFL in order to continue fellowshipping with and influencing his teammates and the school for another year.

Whatever your talent, whatever your mission field, don’t get caught up in your goals or agenda. God is ultimately in control and has the best plan for both you and your ministry. Keep your focus on Christ, His kingdom and His righteousness, and everything else will fall into place.

Near the end of Through My Eyes, Tim Tebow sums up his perspective with these words: “I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future. With that in mind, I’m pressing on toward the upward call of Christ Jesus. … He knows my platform and holds my future in His hands, and it’s up to me to use it as best I can wherever He has me planted.”

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Featured photo: Photo of Tim Tebow “Tebowing” taken on Jan. 1, 2012, at Sports Authority Field at Mile High (Denver, Colorado). Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Photo was taken prior to the start of the second half.


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