Student-Tested Hangouts Dot Scenic Downtown

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BJU student hangouts M. Judson Booksellers and Chocolate Moose Bakery reflecting in a puddle in downtown Greenville, SC (photo by Bradley Allweil)

BJUtoday hosted a competition for student photographers. Junior Bradley Allweil captured the winning photo (pictured above). This article also features other entries.

BJU student hangouts are not limited to campus. Many students explore Greater Greenville, finding their favorite places to relax, eat and socialize. Here are a few of the most popular places downtown:

M. Judson Booksellers and Chocolate Moose Bakery

Smack dab in the middle of South Main Street stands a quaint building that holds a different world inside. M. Judson Booksellers is a haven for bibliophiles and cupcake lovers. The baked goods from The Chocolate Moose Bakery are baked fresh daily, and the books are curated and personally reviewed by the staff. The cozy space invites students to sit down with a cup of coffee, leaf through a new find and be inspired.

Coffee Underground

Appropriately located where Coffee and Main Streets intersect, Coffee Underground is literally underground. In the basement of the historic Vickers-Cauble Building, its secluded atmosphere and mismatched sofas provide a retreat from the busyness of life. Along with their coffee—made from coffee beans roasted in-house—Coffee Underground serves homemade desserts, milkshakes and smoothies. And the other half of their menu is devoted to breakfast foods, salads and sandwiches.

Spill the Beans

Spill the Beans—the pun is great, but the venue is even better. Next to the Falls Park entry, the shop’s soft lighting and comfortable seating invite customers to linger for specialty coffee and custom blended ice cream. BJU students have gladly accepted the invitation. Since its move to the banks of the Reedy River, Spill the Beans has welcomed dozens of BJU students for study sessions, group meetings and social encounters every week.

Falls Park on the Reedy

At the heart of Greenville’s revitalization, the green spaces, benches and paths of Falls Park contribute to one of the most relaxing places downtown. Walking across Liberty Bridge with the sound of water below is a must. During the summer, the park hosts the Upstate Shakespeare Festival—a series of free outdoor plays. Because food makes any outing better, Spill the Beans conveniently neighbors the park, and a wide variety of other restaurants are within walking distance.

Methodical Coffee

Get your mind in gear at Methodical Coffee in ONE City Plaza. With sophisticated marble and walnut features, the main floor and loft provide a modern mood that complements the bustle of the outdoor patio. The coffee and tea—which are barista-approved—are also worthy of Instagram, served in Blue Willow cups and saucers. And if you need a snack, pair your drink with a tasty baked good.

Coauthored by Abril Brito Mones and Lauren Flower.