BJU’s Coffee Scene: Habits of the Student Body

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College students are some of the busiest and sleep-deprived people in the U.S. From all-nighters studying for midterm exams to getting up in time for class at 8 a.m., BJU students have plenty of reason to reach for an early morning java jolt.

Campus coffee shops are part of the American university aesthetic. Since the opening day of the Cuppa Jones on Sept. 3, 2007 (almost 12 years ago!), BJU has embraced its own coffee culture in support of faculty and students seeking an accessible third-place location to meet, study and drink coffee.

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BJU Students and their Coffee

We ran a survey on BJU’s Instagram asking students about their coffee habits and got 786 responses. First, we asked how much they drank—just 1 or 2 cups, or 3 or more?

Most are content with a cup or two a day, but a jittery quarter of respondents have more than 3 cups a day.

Then we asked our Instagram followers, “How do you take your coffee?” This open-ended question inspired several creative responses, including:

“Very gratefully.”

“Very seriously.”


“Any way I can get it.”

“With pride.”


As well as about a half dozen that responded with a version of “With my hands!” or “In a cup!” Thanks, guys.

After weeding out those answers, we tallied up respondents’ coffee preferences:

Full disclosure: not everyone who responded to our survey was a current student, so this isn’t the most controlled or representative survey we could possibly conduct. However, most were students, employees or friends of BJU who follow us on Instagram, and several gave a shoutout to the excellent coffee crafted by the baristas at Cuppa Jones locations on campus.