Senior Projects Highlighted in Design Exhibition

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Senior graphic design students

The BJU Division of Art and Design will host the Senior Graphic Design Exhibition entitled “Command.” Fourteen students from the Class of 2020 will open the show with a reception from 7:30–9:30 p.m. on Dec. 6 in the Sargent Art Building. The exhibition will be on display until Jan. 22.

About the Theme

Every year the senior class chooses a theme for their exhibition. Peyton Pedder—the show’s Creative Team leader—said, “(We) chose ‘Command’ … because we understand that our input determines our output, not only in our work, but also in our personal lives. We agree that what we believe (input) today is what we will do (output) tomorrow. In other words, what we command determines the actions that we take in our personal relationships and our work.”

Preparing for the Exhibition and the Future

Seniors will present pieces from their portfolios, which represent their accomplishments since they began their degree program. “There is a pretty wide variety (of pieces),” Pedder said. “Apparel Design, Branding, Editorial Design, Hand lettering, Poster Design, Package Design, Type Design, Web Design—just to name a few.”

In addition to the work they put into their portfolios individually, the students work as a team to present the show themselves. “The approach we have taken this year was to break up the class into three teams: Creative Team, Event Team and Production Team,” Pedder said. “Each team was assigned certain aspects of the show to deliver—anything from installation designs for the hallway to social media marketing to gain visibility on multiple platforms.”

With all the work they have put into the show, the seniors are looking forward to the project’s culmination. “I think I can speak for our class when I say that we will breathe a huge sigh of relief on installation day,” Pedder said. “Without a doubt we have all felt the anticipation for the show, but it is somewhat bittersweet. This has been one of the most challenging semesters, but it has pushed us to grow closer to one another and trust in each other’s unique design abilities.”

Brandon Buchanan, another graphic design senior, added, “Our class has really functioned well as a team, and I am so excited to see the entire show come together.”

The exhibition gives the seniors practice for future presentations. “The broad spectrum of applications of design coming together for this show has given us the opportunity to see an exhibition from start to finish,” Pedder said. “That experience is invaluable.”

Come One, Come All

Even if you aren’t a graphic designer or a participant’s friend, going to the Senior Graphic Design Exhibition is still worth your time. “This show is all about commanding a different perspective than when you first walk in. Our desire is that you are able to leave the exhibition with a better understanding of how we are able to glorify God through innovative design in 2019,” Pedder said.

Senior graphic design students, from left to right: Elizabeth Weimer, Joanna King, Kathryn Labadorf, Crimson Radin, Katie Morman, Abigail Marasigan, Nathanael Baughman, Natasha Smith, Karl Tremper, Peyton Pedder, Marcus Tiplea, Brandon Buchanan, Jared Smith, Lindsey Bott.

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