“Resonance”: Senior Graphic Design Show

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Senior graphic design show participants

Every year, graduating Graphic Design majors host a senior graphic design show as a way to publicly present four years of hard work and dedication. BJU’s Graphic Design class of 2019 introduced “Resonance” on March 16 in the exhibition hall of the Sargent Art Building.

The students involved invited everyone—friends, family and coworkers from internships. BJU alumni also made appearances, eager to see the works of their former underclassmen. In total, an estimated 500 people attended the open house reception.

The Show

Over the course of four years, graphic design students create approximately 108 pieces for their portfolios—pieces of which are on display in the exhibition. Christopher Barnhart, the graphic design program coordinator, said, “Every graphic design major, from the day they walk in as a freshman, their main goal is to walk away with an impressive portfolio and a competitive one.” This portfolio is how many students land jobs after college. The collection of creative works is what sets them apart from other candidates and gives them an edge in the career field.

“They have an opportunity to publicly showcase their work in a way we don’t typically see in graphic design,” said Barnhart. “Usually it’s in some digital portfolio or a smaller kind of portfolio where you just flip pages. [This time], we’re going to see it on the wall, it’s going to be bigger. In a way, it’s going to be overwhelming for these visitors to come and see what [the students have] done and where they’ve come from as freshmen.”

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The Process

The graphic design show was a group project over a year in the making. Sixteen students have art on display: Brian Biggs, Jacob Clipperton, Brooke Crowder, Brigitta Daswani, Lydia Dersch, Abraham Garcia, Luke Gonzales, Ethan Hansen, Jennifer Hudson, Lily Kain, Cristina Kielmeyer, Doreen McKenzie, Lauren Skrade, Faith Trammell, Briseydi Velasco and Grace Wong.

They had free reign over the project and pushed to make the show their own.

“We’re there to guide when we’re needed,” Barnhart said. “But we really give them the chance to exercise their own passion as they create the experience that is the show.”

Said Crowder: “The show was the highlight of my time in college. I am so grateful for all my classmates, teachers, friends and family who have constantly challenged, encouraged, motivated and supported me.” She is still finalizing her plans for after graduation, but said, “I know the Lord will lead me where He wants me to go.”

Added Biggs: “I believe that the show was a satisfying capstone to the work our class has created. It was a really special opportunity to share so much of what we learned in the form of a cohesive body of work.” Biggs plans to stay in the Greenville area after graduation and continue designing for large-format print “a facet of design that [he’s] fallen in love with over the past few years.”