Preparing to Finish Well

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Mother with college daughter

It’s been a whirlwind at our house over the last week. It feels like summer started early, but it didn’t. The semester’s not over … yet.

When Dr. Pettit announced that we’d have to complete this semester remotely, he stated that our top priority is to help our students complete this semester successfully. We’re fully committed to our students’ success. They’ve already invested a lot in their studies, and we want them to finish well.

In this post I want to share some ideas that can prepare your student for success. In the next post a few days from now, I’ll share the resources available from BJU to come alongside you and your student.

Here are some conversations that can set your student up for success. These questions can prompt your student’s thinking, but as much as possible, let them own this situation. They’ll learn valuable life lessons over these next five weeks.

When do you plan to study?

Your students probably didn’t study in big chunks of time while they were on campus, so don’t be surprised if they have a hard time sitting down for several hours and getting their work done all at once. Be supportive of productive breaks like taking a walk or napping for 20 minutes or playing music. These mind breaks are essential to help them process what they’ve been studying.

Can you study according to the schedule you had at BJU?

Even though most classes will be asynchronous (or not scheduled at a specific time in the day), it’s helpful to have a time management plan and stick to it. Developing a daily routine will be a big help.

How much do you plan to study?

The average online course load is nine hours. Most of our kids have a credit load of 12–18 hours. That means college for them is equivalent to a full-time job, maybe with overtime!

Where do you plan to study?

Helping your student find a place that is quiet, uncluttered and free of distractions will be very beneficial to them as they study.

What will you do before you start to study?

The way that students prepare before starting their studies will affect the way they approach their studies and learning. Getting dressed for the day, making their bed, eating breakfast and moving to a place designated for college studies will help.

Do you know who can help you if you get stuck?

As parents, we know a lot about a lot of stuff. Still, our students are learning about things that might be outside our experiences and expertise. Remind your student that the faculty are still in school, too. We’re happy to help through virtual office hours.

One last thing, please encourage your student to communicate and not to become isolated. They should check their email and Canvas accounts every weekday. Our team in the Academic Resource Center is available to help you as well. Please contact us at (864) 241-1621 or [email protected].

We’re thankful for you and the privilege of serving your students. We’re are praying for you and your families during these unusual days. May God grant us the wisdom and grace we need to accomplish His purposes through our lives.