The Kids are Home from College

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Mother with college daughter

As parents of college kids, we’re all dealing with a lot of emotions now. Our kids are unexpectedly home from college, yet they’re not done with their studies. They’ve had to say good-bye quickly to friends and professors. And we as parents are dealing with uncertainties about many other circumstances in our lives. We fear the unknown even as we seek to trust the Savior we know.

As advisors and teachers here at BJU, we’re feeling some of what you felt when you dropped them off here on campus. We didn’t want them to leave; we love having them here. Just like you’re always there for them while they’re away, we want to be there to help them while they’re home.

So as a mom of two kids coming home from college, I want to share a little advice and some reassurance. When your kids get home, hug them and let them know you’re glad to see them. And please be assured that we’re here to support them (and you!) as they finish their studies from home the rest of this semester. We’ll be sharing more in the coming days about how BJU is here to provide support.