Helping Our Students Succeed

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Mother with college daughter

Hello again! I hope this email finds you well. I asked our Writing Center supervisor, Mary Sidwell, to write about the student success support offered during this unusual time. Mary is the mom of three college graduates and an encouragement to many students as they navigate the writing process. Her words have encouraged me; I know they will do the same for you.

All the best!

Helping our children navigate online education might feel a bit like a journey to a foreign country. The sights and sounds are different, and you don’t always speak the same language. The journey becomes easier, however, if a friendly guide directs you to the best experiences and solves any problems that pop up. The Academic Resource Center is well-equipped to guide you and your student through the next few weeks. We want to make your student’s online education an inspiring and rewarding opportunity.

First and foremost, we have a special Hotline number available 24/7 for any question: (864) 241-1621. Communication is critical during busy times, and our friendly Hotline staff will help you save time and find the answers to your questions. Like the best tour guides, these people know the entire educational landscape here at BJU and will point you to the right resources and contacts.

Tour guides don’t expect you to know where to go in unfamiliar territory. They want you to ask questions according to your interests and problems. Likewise, the Academic Resource Center welcomes your questions. For instance, academic advisors can answer questions ranging from how to set up a study schedule at home to the proper way to contact a professor for help in a specific class. They can discuss plans for your child’s fall semester schedule or the possibility of online summer classes. Specialists are also available to speak with parents about academic accommodations or the unique situations of international students.

Besides classwork, your student may need some guidance in the fast-changing world of work. Our dedicated Career Center staff members offer online help to students who want the best preparation for their future, whether it be choosing a career field, creating a resume, finding an internship, practicing an interview or networking.

Another concern for parents, of course, arises from current financial ups and downs. If you have questions about your student’s account, financial aid or the FAFSA, the BJU Hub connects you to experienced staff to help you manage those affairs.

Finally, as life can be a little overwhelming now, our full-time Student Care counselors stand ready to pray with you and assist you and your student in seeking Biblical answers in the midst of our chaotic world.

Don’t hesitate to make a call. We can work together to help your child succeed in the world of online education.