Check-In Process Modified for Fall Semester 2020

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Spring 2020 seemed to last forever, but summer flew past. Check-in is right around the corner, and students will be back on campus in a few short days.

As with most of life, COVID-19 has altered the check-in process. Here are some things you should know:

  • Every person will be screened upon entry to campus.

This includes you, your parents, your siblings and your great-aunt Bertha. At the health screening, each student will be given their own thermometer, a BJU-branded cloth face mask and a wristband signaling they’ve gone through the health screening.

  • The main entrance on Wade Hampton Blvd. will be the only open entry to campus on Friday.

This is to facilitate the health screening of those who enter the university grounds. On Saturday, health screenings will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the residence halls for residence students and at the Welcome Center for returning day students. Any other time, arriving students must enter via the main entrance to undergo the health screening.

  • Everyone on campus must wear a face covering that covers both the mouth and nose when in university buildings.

You may take your face covering off when you are in your residence hall room and after you are seated at your table in the dining common, but you need to wear it in all other buildings on campus.

  • Not all dining locations will be open when you arrive.

BJU Dining Services is staggering the opening of its retail locations and plans to have all venues open by the time classes begin.

  • Only three people will be allowed in the residence hall rooms at all times.

This includes your roommates, friends and family members. Also, physical distancing must be maintained as much as possible in the hallways.

  • Once you are checked in, you will be required to complete a self-screening symptom check every day.

If you fail the symptom check, you will need to call the BJU Student Medical Access Line and the Student Health Services Office. Contact information for both can be found on the COVID-19 Fall 2020 intranet page.

  • On Aug. 16, all students will attend COVID-19 policy and procedure training.

This required meeting will be held at 2 and 3:30 p.m. in Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium and will discuss the University’s plan to keep the BJU community healthy this semester.

The fall 2020 semester will not be easy. But nothing worth doing ever was. “This seems counter-intuitive, but difficulty during learning makes the learning stick,” said Rebecca Weier, director of student engagement and success. “I think persevering in studying during this time will be doubly rewarding when we reach the end of the semester.”

View BJU’s Campus Life Plan on BJUtoday. Further information on returning to BJU can be found at