BJU Invites High School Students Back to Campus

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BJU is eager to welcome high school students back to campus. Though Virtual College Up Close events and campus visits have been offered since the spring and will continue to be offered, Oct. 29–30 will be the first in-person College Up Close event since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

College Up Close is a two-day college visit experience. Offered virtually and in-person, both include a tour of campus and the opportunity to meet faculty in your program. In-person visits, however, include meals and the chance to visit classes.

While no overnight stays on campus are currently available, some rooms in the Campus View Apartments are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. BJU also receives a discounted rate at select Greenville area hotels.

If visiting with a group still makes you nervous, you have the option to schedule a visit on your own. Personal visits can be scheduled both virtually and in person.

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To view BJU’s plan to keep the BJU community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, see What You Should Know About Health, Safety Policies

November 2020 will introduce a new type of college visit, Career Preview Days. These invitation-only days are designed to give prospective students a close-up look at what they will experience as students in specific schools of study. The day includes meeting with faculty, current students and alumni serving in the field.

“We’re trying to put (high school students) into the college experience, so they will be inside the labs and with the current students,” said Dr. Jessica Minor, dean of the School of Health Professions. “We’ve had a lot of comments in the past that when the (high school) students visit and are a ‘college student’ it gets them a little more excited about what they’re going to be doing in the future.”

The first schools to offer Career Preview Days are the School of Health Professions and the School of Religion. The School of Business, the School of Education and the College of Arts & Science (engineering program) will offer preview days in the spring semester. Each school’s section will be divided into multiple tracks.

  • School of Health Professions
    • Health science
    • Nursing
    • Exercise & sport science
  • School of Religion
    • Biblical counseling
    • Biblical studies
    • Cross-cultural studies
  • College of Arts & Science (engineering program)
    • Civil engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
  • School of Business
    • Business administration
    • Accounting
  • School of Education
    • Classroom education
    • Social sciences

While the separation into tracks allows students to gather information about a specific program, Minor says they will still gain an understanding of the other programs. “I think it will be a good overview for the students who are interested in different areas,” she said. “At the beginning, there will be one large activity for everybody. A lot of times students in high school are not quite sure which area they want to go into — whether it’s doctor, nurse, sport rehab. So even if they are signed up for a different track, they will still be coming together a few times and get an overview of what each program does.”


Krystal Allweil

Krystal Allweil is the content marketing specialist for BJU’s marketing department and is the managing editor for BJUtoday.