Timely Advice for Students by Students

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The BJU social media team recently asked current students for their advice to new students on living in the residence halls and on meeting new people. They had some valuable words of wisdom for incoming freshmen.

Living in the ResHalls

The number one piece of advice for living in the residence halls is to communicate with your roommates. Most problems can be solved with clear communications. And some can even be prevented by discussing your expectations with your roommates at the beginning of the semester.

Here’s some of the other advice current BJU students had to give:

  • Communicate clearly. Keep current. Share experiences.
  • When it seems hard to be around other people, remember being in the residence halls is a ministry.
  • Don’t take too much space in the room. It’s better to grow into the room than to cut down.
  • Talk about preferences in the room and pet peeves.
  • Don’t make stinky food in the room.
  • Don’t snooze your alarm for 3 hours. Or talk on the phone super loud at night. Or sing so loud that the room three doors down can hear you.
  • Do your room jobs consistently, and make time to clean up after yourself.
  • Discuss what temperature you’ll keep the room.
  • Be clean. Be selfless. Share snacks.
  • Please for the love of all noses . . . shower and do your laundry.
  • Respect your roommate’s need to rest.

Best Ways to Meet New People

Hands down, current students say the best way to meet new people is to get involved in student organizations. The most popular vote: society. Whichever organization you choose, the key is to be open and friendly to the people around you. It may be uncomfortable at first (fellow introverts, I’m squirming with you). But isn’t a little discomfort worth a new friend?

Here’s the other wisdom your fellow students have to impart:

  • Ask for a pen in class (don’t forget to return it!) and introduce yourself.
  • Ask any new freshman you meet to lunch. I got best friends that way!
  • Talk to the people you sit next to during Welcome Week, classes, chapel, etc.
  • Get involved in a church. They’re all unique, and none are perfect. Jump in!
  • Participate in on-campus activities (choir, society outings, CGO outreaches, ISO international organization, etc.).
  • Be friendly when standing in line! How I met several friends.
  • Make friends with people on your hall.
  • Eat with people. Discipleship group, society, chapel buddies—new friends are everywhere.
  • Join a choir or audition for a show.
  • Introduce yourself!!!

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