Kristen Baisley Serves as Intern for Mauldin Middle School

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 21, 2016) – Kristen Clark Baisley, a senior music education major at Bob Jones University, serves as a student teacher for Mauldin Middle School.

Baisley, a resident of Greenville, is gaining hands-on experience in teaching a variety of groups such as general music, chorus, advanced chorus, and theatre classes as well as learning logistical skills in regards to budgeting, special events, concert preparation, fundraisers, and auditioning. Through this experience, Baisley has also gotten the opportunity to assist with directing the school musical, Cinderella.

“As I learn about my students and learn about teaching, I learn more about myself,” says Baisley. “I see my need to grow and change to be the example of excellence to my students.”