Johanna Huebscher Interns at Camp Chetek

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (August 5, 2022) – Johanna Huebscher, a junior double majoring in history and multimedia journalism at Bob Jones University, completed an internship with Camp Chetek in Wisconsin. 

A resident of San Diego, Huebscher sorted through the archives, conducted interviews with people who played major roles in the history of the camp and wrote an academic paper based on her research. She also produced a short video on the camp’s history.

“My history internship has equipped me to deal with extensive archives and taught me how to summarize vast amounts of information. In class, I’ve read published versions of primary sources but through this internship I came into firsthand contact with thousands of original, unpublished, primary sources,” said Huebscher. “I have grown personally from studying and coming into contact with great Christians who have been instrumental in the camp’s history.”