BJU Takes A Day Off for Fun and Celebration

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Greenville, SC (Mar. 5, 2013) – For one fun-filled day, classes will be suspended and a parade, games, and fireworks will be the order of the day as Bob Jones University celebrates Gold Rush Daze March 12th.

Divided into two teams – Green Thunder and Red Lightning, students will decorate the residence halls, wear team colors and compete in games on the athletic field in an effort to prove which team has greater school spirit.

The idea for Gold Rush Daze was born from the desire of Dr. Bob Jones III to build camaraderie between university officials and students.  Stephen Wetterlund, Assistant Dean of Mentoring and Counseling said, “It’s a day where we can step aside from the pressures of academia and come together as a family. It shows we are interested in the student as a whole person academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

The first Gold Rush Daze took place on a cold, yet sunny day in 1977. Now held every four years, it is an event that students, faculty, staff and alumni highly anticipate.

The day begins with administrators, faculty and staff serving students breakfast.  The afternoon kicks off at 1:15 p.m. with a parade on the athletic fields put together by the two teams.  Games are followed by dinner at the Activity Center near the Alumni Stadium. The day concludes with a faculty and staff-produced program for the students in Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium at 7 p.m. followed by a singspiration and fireworks at Alumni Stadium.