Alexandra Wetmore Serves as Student Teacher at Mauldin Middle School

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 25, 2017) – Alexandra Wetmore, a senior music education major at Bob Jones University, serves as a student teacher this semester at Mauldin Middle School located in Greenville.

Wetmore, a resident of Greenville, South Carolina, is gaining hands-on experience in the management of 200 students split up between six classes. Her responsibilities include creating lesson plans, leading rehearsals, assisting the resident teacher and helping with classroom management.

“My student teaching experience helped me gain the confidence I needed to actually believe I am good at what I do,” says Wetmore. “It’s easy to feel like you have no idea what you are doing and then take that uneasy feeling with you into the classroom. Now, I actually feel like God has given me the gift of teaching, and I’m excited to use it for Him.”