True Having at the Indie Craft Parade

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On September 14–15, BJU had more than a dozen alumni, faculty and staff participate as makers in the Indie Craft Parade. Assistant cross country and track coach Katie Bright and her mother, Joan Browning, brought their company, True Having, to the festival this year for the first time. Listen to the story of their company in this video created by cinema production student Mark Kamibayashiyama.

Katie Bright: Three summers ago I asked my mom to make some pillow covers for my house out of Pendleton wool. I ended up taking them into a local vintage store here in Greenville and the owner saw them and said, I think you could sell some of these. We started with a batch of pillow covers that then expanded into planters, and tote bags now, and clutch purses and quite a few other products all made with Pendleton wool. And my mom makes all of them in Portland. She ships them in batches to me, and I photograph and do all the online marketing for our shop.

Joan Browning: I love the creative process of seeing a piece of fabric and then envisioning it. It’s always fun just to see the new patterns that Pendleton comes out with. I’m always ready to start on the next one.

Bright: Our hope is that people will keep them in their homes for a long time. For something like a pillow cover or planter, that it will contribute to a home where people feel welcomed.

Find True Having on Etsy.