Take an In-Depth Look at BJU and Greenville

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Unless they have taken dual-credit classes online, most high schoolers have never been a college student. To make a wise choice and find the best fit for where they will pursue a bachelor’s degree for the next four years, an in-person visit is an important step in the college decision process. 

“The more you can visit university or other schools, the more you will see and understand what the college experience is,” Bob Jones University host Andrew Carter said.

Carter works with other BJU staff and student ambassadors at the Welcome Center to oversee campus visits – from high school students to alumni to executive guests. 

Visiting multiple schools enables you to explore different aspects of campus life, according to Carter. Schedule a visit

“You will have a better understanding of what college is and be better equipped to make the most of it whenever you get to college,” he said.

Take a Campus Tour

Take a one-on-one tour with one of the BJU student ambassadors. “The goal of the tour is to show (visitors) what life is like for a student from the student ambassador’s personal experience,” Carter said. 

Visitors will be able to experience classes, interact with faculty, see what students do for fun and get a general grasp of campus life. “We’ve really worked on showing prospective students what it’s like to be a student here,” said student ambassador Jonathan Urwin.

Almost every class on campus is open for prospective students to attend. They can talk through options with Welcome Center personnel to find a class of interest or one that fits with a potential major. Visiting a  class is an excellent way to gauge what the classroom experience at BJU is like and see student-teacher interaction. BJU has a 12:1 faculty-student ratio – below the national average.

“As boring as it might sound, it’s actually pretty incredible to go into class and see what depth of knowledge (professors) have and how much they care about their students individually and assisting them in their spiritual growth,” student ambassador Morgan Bair said.

Take in Campus Life

Visit a performance on campus at no cost. There are often performances of one sort or another – from musicals and Shakespeare performances to symphonies and senior recitals. Eat a meal at the dining common, and stop by The Den. 

The Den is a hangout area with food, games and comfy chairs. “The Den is a very fun area where you can see people really being themselves,” student ambassador Halle Dragon said.

Take in an intercollegiate or intramural game. Attending a game is an excellent way to see school and team spirit. 

“I feel like that’s a big part of who we are at Bob Jones,” Bair said.

Stop by financial aid. “If God leads you somewhere, then He’ll provide financially,” Bair said. At financial aid, caring professionals walk prospective students and their parents through options such as scholarships and on-campus jobs.

“It gives you hope,” Urwin said. “College is expensive, but it’s doable.” Added Bair: “The professors and the people here are what makes Bob Jones, Bob Jones, in my opinion.”

Visit Greenville

Visiting the city where a campus is located is important, as you won’t spend four years strictly on campus. Downtown Greenville is a beautiful, vibrant city that is consistently one of the top-rated places to live in the U.S. In a 10-block area in downtown Greenville, there are over 100 restaurants.

Visit Falls Park on the Reedy River. Located on Main Street, there are waterfalls and scenic walkways that are part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail and the cantilevered Liberty Bridge, all adjacent to great coffee and ice cream shops.

“If you’re thinking about visiting campus, just go for it,” Dragon said. “There’s definitely nothing that you would regret.”