Couple Does Their Part in Small Ways During Pandemic

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My husband and I were able to issue a one-time rebate on half of a month’s rent for those in need during this crisis. We asked them to pay it forward if they are working and not in need. They can redeem the coupon with the rental agency as we sent the addressed envelopes with the note and coupon through the agencies.

Our Sunday school shut down before our church did. I have led the adult Sunday school during the last two quarters. While not proficient in online meetings, I have sent my notes for the lesson book to attendees. Several have thanked me for that as they make an effort to follow the Sunday school lessons in our book. Of course, putting that together consumes a little more of my time than just preparing the lesson.

My husband is in the church “choir,” if you can call it that with a max of five people attending. He has been part of the practice and then the church service put out on Facebook and YouTube. Our church, including our pastor, are mostly in their 60s and up. We also cleaned out our pantry for him to take to the food pantry run through the church.

My husband is a family physician but has been doing most appointments by telephone two of the three days he normally works and then one day in the office. His employer is asking for volunteers for hospital duty, but because of my health risks, he would only do so if drafted. We are each other’s support along with family and kitties.

His brother is coming off knee immobilization after tearing his patellar tendon, and because his physical therapy office is closed, I have been able to share with him some exercises and techniques to gain range of motion from my experiences. Plus, it is a good intro for his son who hopes to start college in the fall to major in pre-physical therapy.

We do what we are able, and God gives the blessing.

Susan Coomber
Class of ’82