Seminary to host CoRE Conference with Julie Lowe

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CoRE conference graphic

Julie Lowe has worked with hurting people as a biblical counselor and author for the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation since college days, guided by her faith in God and her belief that He is the One who changes hearts and provides hope and healing to hurting people.

Lowe will be one of the speakers at BJU Seminary’s annual CoRE Conference. The March 9–10 conference will focus on providing biblical help to those who struggle with various addictions. Registration is free to BJU faculty, staff and students, or $75 for all other persons and couples.

It is rare to have a biblical counselor who is skilled in working with children, teens and families, so Lowe’s work has the capacity to touch and heal many hearts. The more she works with children, the more Lowe becomes convinced of the need to work with family units. She believes parents are a child’s God-given counselors and can have the greatest impact on their children’s lives.

As American children and teens become more disconnected from their parents, their churches and God, the need for Christian counselors like Lowe increases each year. Lowe said technological advancements have increased the distance between parents and their children over the years, so children and teens are turning to their peers for help and advice. “Loving, wise adults are being pushed out of children’s lives,” Lowe said. “The issues are growing and families are becoming more fractured than ever.”

Lowe believes nature provides special healing to people who have had traumatic experiences. She has trained therapy dogs whose presence can help provide comfort to victims of abuse during counseling sessions and in court rooms. While the rest of the world might think creation points back to itself, Lowe says Christians should view creation as a means of reflecting God, the Creator. “It makes sense that God would use creation to comfort us and point to Him,” Lowe said.

Her work as a biblical counselor is not easy, but Lowe has a strong supporting church community and loving family whom she views as her primary responsibility. She believes God has given her the skills to be a good biblical counselor, yet she must work hard to do her job well. Lowe seeks to be a wise, godly individual who loves others and practices surrounding herself with other believers who will keep her accountable and support her through difficult times.