ScholarshipUniverse: A Scholarship-Finding Tool for Students

Letters from Financial Aid

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When federal, state and institutional aid isn’t enough, students ask, “How do I find other available scholarships?” For most students, the only answer is, “Well, you can search online.”

The Old Way of Finding Scholarships

To help with this treasure hunt, BJU has done our best to provide lists of safe scholarship search sites, scholarship opportunities found by our staff, and creative ways other students have found scholarships.

But the hunt for viable scholarships is full of anxiety and uncertainty. Questions loom. Is this a legitimate search site? Can someone steal my personal information? Am I even eligible for this scholarship or am I wasting my time? As a result, most students either never begin looking or stop looking long before they find success in the hunt for additional funds.

The New and Improved Way to Find Scholarships

To help our newly accepted or enrolled students overcome these barriers, BJU is pleased to announce the launch of ScholarshipUniverse, a secure scholarship search tool provided by CampusLogic. Over 8,000 scholarship opportunities are currently available through ScholarshipUniverse, and the list keeps growing. All scholarships are reviewed and validated as legitimate scholarship opportunities before being added to the program.

ScholarshipUniverse provides a secure environment where BJU students can search the growing list of scholarship possibilities by simply answering a series of questions. With each qualifying answer, a personalized scholarship list is populated for that student based on their eligibility. Each student can choose to answer as many questions as they’d like. But with each question answered and matched, the list of opportunities grows.

From ScholarshipUniverse, the student can access valid scholarship applications, store documents needed for applications, and track the application process. No longer is the student responsible for organizing and tracking which scholarship applications he’s started but not completed. Nor will he have to search for the essay he created for the scholarships that require one. Or wonder if all this work is worth it.

Let the Search Begin!

BJU students will receive information about ScholarshipUniverse on December 10, 2018, with instructions for creating an account. Let the scholarship search begin!


Susan Young is the director of financial aid for BJU.