Rathbun Reveals Goals of Center for Biblical Worldview

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Dr. Renton Rathbun, director of the Center for Biblical Worldview

BJU recently launched the Center for Biblical Worldview, directed by Dr. Renton Rathbun, whose purpose is to encourage collaboration between University divisions in presenting a biblical worldview in academic subjects.

“The Center for Biblical Worldview exists to assist the faculty, staff and even students in understanding and communicating a biblical worldview,” Rathbun said. “We need some intentional work done in biblical worldview because of what is going on in our world today.”

The Purpose for the Center for Biblical Worldview

The CBW is comprised of faculty members who meet to discuss how to integrate a biblical worldview into the divisions they oversee and the classes they teach. “We are developing intentional strategies that develop a biblical worldview right into the classroom,” Rathbun said.

As the center continues to develop, Rathbun hopes that BJU faculty will have more and more opportunities to interact with professors at other universities to discuss matters of biblical worldview. He expects that students will engage in conversation with other students as well.

Rathbun mentioned that many universities claim that their professors are Christian, but it is not clear whether they are implementing Christ in the classroom. He wants BJU to be known for its emphasis on biblical worldview as exhibited in the classroom. “As the battle gets more and more intense, you need to have more and more intense ammunition,” he said.

Rathbun’s Journey to CBW

Rathbun received a bachelor’s degree in English education and a master’s degree in interpretive speech from BJU. He went on to complete other degrees in creative writing, philosophy, theology and apologetics.

Though he kept pursuing more education as he was exploring career options, Rathbun believes these various degrees — in addition to his 22 years of college teaching experience — have equipped him for the position at the Center for Biblical Worldview. “(BJU) needs someone (who) is diverse enough to understand different fields,” he said. Before moving into the CBW, Rathbun worked for BJU Press in developing a biblical worldview as well.

As the director, Rathburn’s favorite part of the job is learning from faculty in other departments to gain their perspectives. His goal is to elevate the University through the CBW.

“(I hope) Bob Jones University becomes the leader in biblical worldview; and the opportunities and the culture of the faculty, staff and students are at a pace and at a place where Bob Jones University becomes the center for biblical worldview in America.”