Program Snapshot: Biblical Counseling

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If you are interested in fixing life issues with biblical solutions, then Bob Jones University’s biblical counseling program might be a good fit.

As a biblical counseling major, you will take on the responsibility of using biblical truths to help others — whether it’s directing a camp or pastoring a church. Through intentional, biblical coursework, you will be equipped to enter ministry upon graduation.

“Biblical counseling is a wonderful practical field because even if you don’t get a job in it, you’ll be able to use it for your church or in your life,” said Rachel Dahlhausen, head women’s counselor at BJU.

There are six tracks in biblical counseling: apologetics/worldview, cross-cultural service, pastoral ministry, women’s ministry, worship leadership and youth ministry.

What Classes Will I Take?

As a biblical counseling major, you will get your first look at biblical counseling in Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling. In the course, you will learn about the progressive sanctification process of growth, as well as the sufficiency of Scripture and how it relates to your relationship with Christ.

“Counseling is about Christ and about life,” said Dr. Steve Cruice, head of biblical counseling.

What Experiential Learning Activities Will I Have?

As a senior in the biblical counseling program, you will take part in senior capstone. As part of the course, you will participate in a counseling practicum, where you will do a specific amount of one-on-one counseling, as well as partake in a counseling ministry. You will also research and present on a principle counseling issue and how to help someone struggling with that issue.

What National Tests Will I Take?

In your biblical counseling capstone, you will prepare for and take the ABC (Association of Biblical Counselor) comprehension exam. After you graduate, you will be eligible to apply for level one certification with ABC.

What Kind of Jobs are Available?

Biblical counseling graduates typically don’t end up in a full-time counseling position but rather something ministry related.

“People like this degree because they know they’re going to have to come alongside and interact with people,” Cruice said. Keeping this in mind, biblical counseling at BJU prepares you for ministry, not for secular licensing. There is a wide array of ministry-related positions after graduation including pastor, foster care, hospital ministry — anywhere that people are struggling and hurting.

“You can be such an asset in your local church to your pastor,” Cruice said.