Why One International Student Chose BJU

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At BJU faith and academics coexist in the classroom. From engineering to theatre, from science to art, from theory to practice, your teachers will apply biblical truth to your studies.

At BJU your learning experience isn’t only about your brain but also about your heart. The biblical worldview taught at BJU will challenge your understanding of regular subjects where you didn’t see God before. A BJU education will transform your heart and mind.

A Quality Education

Apart from taking classes related to your major, you’ll also take courses in the BJU Core. This combination of liberal arts and Bible courses will give you the skills and knowledge that’ll set you apart from graduates from other universities.

Your teachers and advisors will encourage you to put into practice what you’re learning. For example, I’m doing a writing internship for the University’s marketing department, and it’s great experience for my English degree! You won’t lack real-world experience at BJU.

A Vibrant Student Life

Literary societies, student-led organizations similar to fraternities and sororities, are an important part of the BJU experience. However, my favorite student group is the International Student Organization (ISO). I call it my ISO family because we’re so close-knit.

So what does the ISO do? We have dinners where we enjoy traditional food from different countries. We have group outings and workshops. And we hang out together on campus.

In short, the ISO acts as a safe haven for international students who are struggling to fit in. And if we’re honest, that’s all of us at one point.

A Safe Campus in a Great City

Besides stopping traffic for us to cross the street on our way to chapel, officers from the Public Safety department, a sort of campus police, patrol campus and check that the residence hall doors are locked at night.

Forbes magazine rated Greenville’s downtown, located only seven minutes from campus, as one of the best in the United States. It’s also rated one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Greenville is an amazing little city where you’ll find a plethora of dining, entertainment and shopping options.

Global Networking

From Greenville to Great Britain, from Peru to Poland, from China to Canada, BJU graduates can be found all over the globe. To keep in contact with them, the University created the BJU Alumni Association. It provides great opportunities for networking and jobs you can get as a student or after you graduate.

Even years after graduating you’ll be invited to workshops and events where you’ll be able to network and build up your list of professional contacts with other BJU grads. How cool is that?

So as you consider what college to attend, think about the networking opportunities, the location, the student life, the quality of education and the impact the college will have on you. BJU ranks well in all of these areas and more.


Gerson Petit is a content marketing student writer for BJU Marketing.