New Programs Meet Society’s Growing Needs

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Cybersecurity, new BJU programs

The 2020–21 academic year is in full swing, and several students are taking advantage of the new programs in BJU’s catalog. Not only did BJU add four brand new majors to its offerings, but the University also added six certificate programs and four program concentrations.

New Programs

Cybersecurity, BS

Computer systems are constantly growing and changing. No sooner is the newest model in consumers’ hands than they’re introducing the next one. This constant advancement is one of the largest threats to cybersecurity.

“The use of computers continues to grow rapidly, as well as the reliance upon them,” says Dr. James Yuill of BJU’s cybersecurity faculty. “Computer system complexity is also growing rapidly. As a consequence, there are increased opportunities for cyber attack and an increasing need for computer security. Cybersecurity defenses must expand and change to reduce vulnerabilities and to counter these attacks.”

One result of the constantly changing nature of cybersecurity is a booming career field. With an expected growth rate of 32% from 2018 to 2028 from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. “BJU’s new Cybersecurity degree program has been created in response to the increase in cybersecurity jobs and the need for cybersecurity education,” says Yuill.

Cybersecurity graduates will be equipped to keep up with the industry’s rapid growth. More importantly, however, they will have been taught the importance of integrity. “Integrity is essential for cybersecurity professionals,” Yuill says, “and BJU’s Christian focus provides a biblical foundation for the integrity required in both personal and professional life.”

Learn more about the Cybersecurity program on its program page.

Public Health/Global Health, BS

“The current pandemic and the global response show more clearly than ever the importance of the (new) Public Health major,” says Dr. Amy Hicks, chair of the Division of Health Sciences. “Health is impacted by so much more than simply if we contract a virus or experience a heart attack.”

Factors that can affect a person’s health include government policy, education and living conditions. “The goal is to prevent or minimize disease in the whole community rather than to treat it in an individual,” says Hicks. “We desire to train students that can go out and make meaningful contributions to keeping whole cities, states and countries healthy.”

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hicks says global and public health has seen a shift in importance. “Many developed countries around the world have emphasized public health for many years. It has taken a back seat in the U.S. for the most part over the past few decades at least. (Now) we are going to see people who understand the principles of public health playing a larger role within our health care systems and in government and nongovernmental positions.”

The scene of missions could also be changed by the pandemic, opening more opportunities to those with public or global health training. “Many (countries) will be closed to ministry jobs but open to those working in this arena,” says Hicks.

The new program equips students for a wide variety of careers — including health educator, public health journalist, global infectious disease analyst and emergency response specialist — preparing them to serve wherever God leads.

Learn more about the Public Health/Global Health program on its program page.

BJU also offers through its School for Continuing, Online and Professional Education (SCOPE) a four-course Public Health certificate that can be applied toward the Public Health/Global Health bachelor’s degree.

Apologetics, MA

As 1 Peter 3:15 says, every Christian should be able to “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” This is the goal of the master of arts degree in Apologetics. The program prepares men and women to answer questions about their faith, whether asked from curiosity or attack.

More information about the Apologetics program can be found on its program page.

Business, BS Degree Completion

Did you start a degree only to set it aside? BJU now has three degree completion programs available through SCOPE: Professional Studies, RN to BSN and the new Business completion program. This fully online accredited bachelor of science degree has two concentrations in finance/accounting and marketing.

Learn more about the Business degree completion program on the SCOPE program page.

New Certificate Programs

Six new certificate programs have also been added to BJU’s catalog. These certificates can be added on to existing degrees for additional credentials. The programs are available through SCOPE (or coming soon), and two are also available through BJU Seminary.

  • Graduate certificate in Chaplaincy — available through SCOPE (coming soon) and BJU Seminary
  • Graduate certificate in K-12 Educational Leadership — available through SCOPE
  • Graduate certificate in K-12 Teaching and Learning — available through SCOPE
  • Graduate certificate in Teaching Bible — available through SCOPE (coming soon) and BJU Seminary
  • Undergraduate certificate in K-12 Teaching and Learning — available through SCOPE
  • Undergraduate certificate in Public Health — available through SCOPE

New Concentrations

Four new concentrations allow students to hone their studies to their interests within their major. Whether they want to specialize in protecting the country from terrorists or focus on capturing the perfect action shot, these new concentrations provide the knowledge students will need to pursue their calling.

Program Name Changes

The School of Health Professions moved into its shiny new facility at the beginning of this semester. Students and faculty have all been enjoying the space. With an updated space, though, comes an updated catalog. Two of the SHP program names and three of the concentration names have been updated.

  • Exercise Science, BS → Kinesiology, BS
  • Health and Fitness Training, AS → Personal Training, AS
  • Health Sciences, BS – Pre-nutrition → Health Sciences, BS – Nutrition
  • Kinesiology, BS – Applied Physiology → Kinesiology, BS – Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Kinesiology, BS – Fitness and Wellness → Kinesiology, BS – Exercise Physiology