New Programs for Fall 2019

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BJU is introducing six new and repackaged programs in the fall semester of 2019. Most notable among these additions is the new paralegal program.

Paralegal Studies

Perhaps the most exciting of the new programs is the paralegal studies program. Many of the faculty teaching the courses will come straight to class from their law offices in town, bringing students not just current information but also a passion for law. And as Christian attorneys, they will also bring a biblical worldview to an industry where blurring the lines on ethics is the norm.

By the end of their two years of study, students in this program will know how to navigate the trial process. Through a real-world internship experience, they will also learn how to support their future employers. The internship also provides them with a foot in the door for a career after graduation. The rigorous curriculum combined with experiences and faculty from real-world law firms prepares students for an exciting career as paraprofessionals.


The new composition program prepares students for writing, recording and selling their own music. With courses in music theory and entrepreneurship as well as music lessons, students will be ready to compose and produce original work.

Music, BA or BS

With this flexible music program, students can combine their love of music with another field of their choice. Business, communications, health science, audio/video studio production, cross-cultural studies—the options for the double major are nearly limited only by the imagination.

Online RN to BSN

The new RN to BSN program is completely online and provides a convenient way for nurses who currently have an RN degree to complete a BSN degree.

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While not new, the returning bachelor of arts in French focuses on giving students a strong proficiency both in conversation and in writing. As they grow in fluency, students will study both French history and French literature, which will give them the big picture of French culture.

Music and Church Ministries

The refreshed music and church ministries program—though also not completely new—is designed for students who have a passion for ministry in a local church. It combines ministry preparation with musical training and includes an internship that allows students to practice skills in real-life ministry situations.