Matzkos Represent BJU as Science Ambassadors

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BJU Science Ambassadors George and Darlene Matzko perform a science demonstration

Dr. George and Darlene Matzko are on a mission to ignite a passion for science in Christian learners of all ages. This mission has taken them to churches, schools and homeschool groups all over the U.S. in the past 18 months.

In August 2018, the Matzkos started touring the country, representing BJU as Science Ambassadors. Their goals include recruiting students to BJU and sparking conversations among Christians about science. The Matzkos believe Christians must take science seriously and should pursue work in STEM fields. They also assist pastors by speaking on the Bible and scientific topics, answering questions and refuting evolutionary arguments.

Viewing Science as a Ministry

Matzko has been a member of BJU’s faculty since 1979. He earned a B.S. in chemistry in 1973 from BJU and a PhD in analytical chemistry from Clemson University. Not one to stay out of the loop with current developments in science, he is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Creation Research Society.

While Matzko’s main job has been teaching at BJU, the Matzkos’ passions include many kinds of ministry. Their heart for people and for Truth has taken them all over the world. They led BJU summer mission teams for 32 years, serving in both Nova Scotia and Australia. Their current work as Science Ambassadors and BJU recruiters allows them to combine their areas of expertise into a powerful and creative ministry.

Confronting Misconceptions about Science

Matzko’s talks disrupt the false dichotomy of Science vs. the Bible. “It is not science versus Scripture,” he explains, “but science in Scripture that glorifies our Lord Jesus Christ and honors Him as Creator.”

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They also want people to know that science isn’t boring. The Matzkos’ sessions include exciting chemistry demonstrations, including one where he (safely) sets his hand on fire to showcase water’s high heat capacity. They’ve tailored their program to engage learners of all ages, but children get especially excited about the possibilities in STEM fields. The mother of a young audience member passed along that “Well, my oldest two are running science experiments currently. Any clue as to why? As my son said—because of the two scientists who love God and were at school today.”

Churches and schools appreciate the Matzkos’ willingness to answer Bible questions that go beyond discussions of creation vs. evolution. Their most frequently asked questions are about climate change and global warming, prompting Matzko to create a whole sermon on the subject. The toughest question they’ve heard? Someone asked “if gravity was an emergent property of spacetime,” Matzko said. “I had to spend a Sunday afternoon doing some research on that one.”

Ongoing Mission

So far, the Science Ambassadors have traveled over 23,000 miles through 16 states, visited 65 churches and 70 schools, and presented 702 times. Right now, the Matzkos are looking toward second semester’s efforts and are praying for bookings in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

For more information, email George Matzko at [email protected].


Emma Galloway Stephens

Emma Galloway Stephens is a creative writing faculty member in BJU’s Division of English Language and Literature.