Math ACT Ministry Team: A Formula for Student Success

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Math ministry team

The BJU Math ACT Ministry Team, which debuted in spring 2019, seeks to prepare high school students for the ACT—and soon SAT—math section. One of several BJU academic teams, this group of BJU students visits Christian schools and homeschool co-ops within a 2.5-hour driving distance of campus.

Why Is Preparing for ACT Math Important?

The first stop on the road to college is to be accepted into a school. Dr. David Brown—head of the Department of Mathematics—said, “BJU has open admission, but for some schools you need a certain (ACT or SAT) score to get in.”

Higher scores also lead to prospects of more or better scholarships. And those scores could additionally place students in advanced math courses, bypassing prerequisites.

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On the other hand, low math scores place BJU students in Developmental Math modules. These modules—which benefit students by solidifying the math skills they need to succeed—are uncredited and may postpone other required courses.

How Does the Math ACT Ministry Team Prepare Students?

Students learn what math to expect by taking half of a practice ACT math test. Afterward, they grade it to find their strengths and weaknesses.

Next, an instructor presents a PowerPoint, first explaining the importance of a good ACT math score. Then the instructor demonstrates test-taking strategies. Because the ACT is timed, knowing how to look for shortcuts and how to pace oneself will give students time to work on challenging problems.

Lastly, students divide into groups for a game of “Mathardy”—a Jeopardy-inspired game in which students earn points and win prizes. There are three groups that each feature a separate subject: geometry, algebra and precalculus. Students go to the subject that the practice tests show they need the most work in.

In each group, a BJU student leads the game. High school students take one minute to answer each question, after which the BJU student gives the answer and shares tips on how to find it efficiently.

In the 2020–21 academic year, the Math ACT Ministry Team will travel to various locations around the eastern United States. To invite the team to your school or co-op, email or call (864) 242-5100, ext. 4214.