Ken Ham Discusses STAND Conference

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Krystal Allweil (BJUtoday): Hi, everyone! Welcome to BJUtoday. I am with Dr. Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis, and today we’re going to be talking about Christian higher education. So, Dr. Ham, in the STAND Conference you’ll be talking with Dr. Pettit about the importance of teaching a Christian worldview. Can you give us a little bit about what that looks like?

Ken Ham: Well, when you build a house, you don’t try to build a roof first and then the walls and then the foundation. You’ve got to have a foundation for the structure. When you think of what we believe as Christians, really the roof and walls, if you like, the doctrines of Christianity, what we believe—but where’d it come from? It’s got a foundation. You see, the Bible is not just a guidebook to life. It’s not just a book of spiritual moral things. This is a revelation from God to enable us to have the right information, the right foundation for our whole worldview. And in fact, the history in Genesis 1–11 in geology, biology, astronomy, anthropology—actually, if you don’t have that history as the foundation for your worldview, you will not correctly understand this world. And so a true Christian worldview means we’re teaching the Bible, and back to Genesis 1–11, as the foundation for our whole way of thinking, like putting on a pair of glasses so that we can look at the world around us and have the correct way of understanding it.

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Allweil: And that’s one of the things we try to do at BJU. And with the rise of online education, is there a place for places like BJU, Christian higher education institutes?

Ham: Oh, absolutely. I mean, you can certainly do a lot of education online, and you can learn a lot of material, but how do you practically understand the world? I mean, if you want to do experiments in chemistry, you need equipment, right? If you want to understand biology, you have to get out your dissecting tools and you can actually dissect animals and understand their structure. Or when it comes to physics or—think about it. You’ve got to have that practical understanding of education as well. And so, there is a very special place, obviously, for institutions like Bob Jones University where people can come together and not just learn the theoretical material but learn how to apply it in the way they need to in this world.

Allweil: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today about what we can expect to hear at STAND Conference this year. And thank you, everyone, for joining us. We hope to see you at STAND Conference. Go register. Links will be below and hope to see you next time.