Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

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One person’s bah humbug snowy weather is a college student’s dream — especially if they grew up in an area where a skiff was cause for celebration.

With about 5 inches of fresh powder blanketing the BJU campus Jan. 16 and the roads/cars in parking lots too icy to dare a recon trip for creamy hot chocolate, resident students took advantage of on-campus opportunities for outdoor adventure.

The University chimed in with a $200 prize for the best snow sculpture constructed by societies and student organizations. Having a graphics art major on your team certainly could be an advantage. Hours later, with warm hearts and freezing hands, creations were ready for judging.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day was a day off from classes, with multiple service events scheduled around Greenville. Side note: This year is BJU’s 75th anniversary of calling Greenville home. Student participation was canceled because of the inclement weather.

By Jan. 18, the roads were clear and the snow was beginning to melt as temps topped out in the mid-40s. But as the white blanket uncovers the green grass, there’s always hope for another winter weather event. Keep those shovels and gloves handy.