Crockett Doodles: Making Families Whole Four Paws at a Time

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Small boy holding a Crockett Doodle puppy

Tomorrow, dog lovers all over America will celebrate National Golden Retriever Day. Whether you want to play catch, take a walk or just cuddle, Golden Retrievers are great companions. And they have a great cousin breed—the Goldendoodle.

This cross of Golden Retriever and Poodle is smart, friendly—and they make wonderful therapy dogs. Crockett Doodles, a Greenville doodle breeder, offers doodles of 13 different breeds in several colors and sizes. And the company’s founder and president is a professor at Bob Jones University.

Crockett and His Doodles

Dr. Nathan Crockett is a faculty member in BJU’s School of Religion. His love for dogs led him to the doodle breeding business.

Seven years ago, Dr. Crockett decided to buy a non-shedding Goldendoodle. The complications of finding a reputable breeder, however, inspired Dr. Crockett and his wife Abigail to become a responsible source for others.

At first, they thought of only raising one litter a year. But after posting the news of the first available puppies, the demand skyrocketed. Within minutes of posting, the Crocketts had homes for all 12 puppies. They discovered that there was high demand for home-raised pups, and Crockett Doodles was born.

Partner Up

A single litter makes enough work for the entire Crockett family. So, the Crocketts reached out to friends and family willing to become partner homes for doodle litters. The partners breed and raise the doodle puppies as pets before matching them to the best-fitting forever families. The Crocketts’ partner home network has grown massively, making well-bred puppies available for more people across the nation.

Giving Back

But providing dogs isn’t the only thing Crockett Doodles does. From the start, the Crocketts’ intention has been to use the business profits to bless others. “Our goal is not to get a bigger house or a bigger car,” says Crockett. “We are stewards of the resources that come in through Crockett Doodles.” As a way of giving back to their community, the Crocketts give around 1,000 free study Bibles annually to students who take Dr. Crockett’s classes.

Additionally, the business donates to the Greenville Humane Society, Greenville County Youth Orchestra, Summer Shakespeare, the Bob Jones University Timothy Fund, and other organizations. As the business grows, the Crocketts find more opportunity to give back.

Making Families Whole

Crockett Doodles has a mission “to make families whole by providing premier doodle pups to forever homes and sharing God’s love and resources to everyone in [its] network.” The Crocketts know only God can truly make a family whole, which is why every puppy sold comes with a free Bible. This addition has allowed the Crocketts and their partners to witness to customers on several occasions.

Dr. Crockett says the best thing the business has given his family is the opportunity to meet new people and to share Christ with them. Crockett Doodles really is “making families whole . . . four paws at a time.”