College Up Close: Is It Worth It?

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College Up Close group downtown Greenville during college visit

The first time I visited Bob Jones University was during a College Up Close trip. I didn’t know much about the University before that, but my college visit gave me the inside scoop on what life at BJU was like.

During your visit, you’ll see college academics, social life and residence hall living up close. This college visit is a great chance to experience college before actually going to college.

Campus Life Up Close

With colleges, the more experience you get, the better you can choose. University host Andrew Carter said that visiting colleges is a great way to help you decide which college to pick.

With College Up Close, you’ll get to see the campus both as a visitor and as a student. First you’ll get the typical college tour. And the next two nights you’ll stay in the residence halls—with real college students.

I know it’s intimidating. But even though they’ll be busy, the students will be happy to have you. Plus, watching them work on projects will give you an idea of what college academics are like.

Academics Up Close

Besides visiting classes you choose, you’ll have dinner with professors from different fields. This is a great opportunity for you to chat with them and other visitors about your major options.

If you’re like most high school students, you probably have a general idea of what you want to do in life. But you may not know how to get there. At this dinner you can talk about your goals and dreams in a casual setting. And the professors will help point you in the right direction.

Some programs also offer tours of their buildings and labs. If you’re into health science, you can tour the cadaver and cancer research labs. Other programs like the communications, music and business programs can show you around their facilities, too.

Social Life Up Close

Classes are important, but you’ll only spend 10% of your time in a classroom. In reality, you’ll spend the remaining 90% of your time outside class. Social life will be important in your college experience.

With College Up Close you’ll have the chance to experience social life at BJU. Chat with students over lunch in the Dining Common. Hang out with students at the The Den and relax after a long day. Finally, enjoy a time of fellowship and prayer in the evening.

Greenville Up Close

As a BJU student, Greenville, South Carolina, will become your home away from home during the four years of your college career. So, take advantage of College Up Close’s Greenville experience and check out all that Greenville has to offer. Our student ambassadors will show you around their favorite hangouts, coffee shops and study spots. You’ll need to get off campus sometimes, and downtown Greenville is a great place to go have fun.

Admission Up Close

During your visit, you’ll get to talk to admission counselors. If you’re a high school senior, you’ll automatically be scheduled for a meeting with a counselor. However, if you’re not a senior, you’ll participate in an informative session about the admission process.

Seventeen-year-old me didn’t know what to expect of my visit when I walked into the wrong residence hall room one October evening of 2015. But I enjoyed my visit and came back to BJU as a student.

I wouldn’t be where I’m at now if it weren’t for College Up Close. You never know how your college visit will impact your future.


Gerson Petit is a content marketing student writer for BJU Marketing.