Changing Your Major

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Student studying at a table in the library

Several things probably go through your mind right now as you think about changing majors. Maybe you’ve reached a point in your college career where the glimpse of a fork in the road is becoming more of a reality. Changing your major may seem daunting at first, but if it is the direction the Lord is taking you, all will truly be well.

You may wonder whether changing is the right decision (including the specific major you are changing to), or about taking longer to finish your degree and having to pay more money, or even about the possibility of being outside of God’s will. Though the fears seem daunting, maintaining a steadfast assurance in the Lord’s hand on your life will graciously answer each one. I switched my major twice: from music education to business to accounting. The first time I switched, I was worried that my decision was leading me down a path of several unknowns and that I would be living outside of the will of God. What I found, however, through advice from my academic advisor and my professors, is that the Lord will use me in whatever field I chose to glorify His name.

What is most important in choosing a career is not what you do, but how you do it and for what purpose. Ultimately, majors, classes, professors, or degrees at Bob Jones are all threads that the Lord is weaving in the fabric of your life for His will. Being faithful in serving Him with the skill sets He has blessed you with will yield a life that is a fragrant offering to the Lord. So, choose a career path you enjoy, and as you step out on that journey, be very diligent to work faithfully for the glory of Christ.