Career Fair 2019

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On February 5 and 7, BJU will be hosting its annual Career Fair. Several employers and graduate school representatives recruiting BJU graduates will gather 11:45 a.m.–3 p.m. in Dixon-McKenzie Dining Common, Davis Room. Full- and part-time positions, as well as internships, summer jobs and graduate school programs will be available.

Each day will highlight different career options. Tuesday will focus on criminal justice, health sciences, STEM and education careers. On Thursday the focus will shift to business, communication and graduate schools.

Multiple Employers, One Place

The event gives BJU students a job hunter’s biggest dream: an opportunity to meet multiple employers in the same place. Job seekers can study the organizations beforehand, bring in a resume that attracts their favorite options, and leave a good impression.

The Team Behind It

The brains behind the event is BJU’s Career Services. This branch of the Academic Resource Center provides career advising, professional development tools and networking opportunities to students and alumni.

Make the Most Out of It

To encourage and prepare the student body for the event, director Shawn Albert held a workshop called “How to Make the Most of the Career Fair.” Students who attended received helpful information concerning what to do before, during and after the Career Fair.

Here are some of the recommendations Albert made:

  • “Do the research.” Demonstrating knowledge of the business during an interview is a major factor.
  • Bring your resume—key to impressing recruiters. Career Services can help you update it.
  • Prepare a career pitch. Recognize your most valuable information and know how to introduce it to recruiters.

Other suggestions ranged from dressing for success to sending thank-you notes. Albert concluded the workshop by encouraging the students to “get [their] name out there, and make [themselves] available.”

After all the planning and preparing, the Davis Room is sure to bustle during the two days of this year’s Career Fair. For more information on the event, check