BJU Spotlight on JMC Program and WORLD Podcast

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JMC students in broadcast

Have you ever wondered why it’s important for Christians to know what’s going on in the world or how it’s possible for Christians to view current events from a biblical perspective? BJU is hosting a two-part Homeschool Connect and Greenville community event from 4–8:30 p.m. March 19 with answers to those questions.  

The Homeschool Connect portion of the event is designed to highlight the University’s Journalism and Mass Communication program, which prepares students with the practical skills and biblical foundation to succeed in a variety of media-related and communication fields.  

The program will begin with a tour of the JMC department in the Gustafson Fine Arts Center led by JMC faculty member Kathryn Gamet and a question and answer time with journalist Myrna Brown from WORLD Magazine. Jonathan Woods, WORLD’s director of marketing, believes Brown’s warm, inspiring personality will be perfect for the event. 

From 7–8:30 p.m., WORLD Magazine will produce a live “Culture Friday” segment of its podcast, The World and Everything in It, in Stratton Hall. This half of the event is open to anyone in the community in addition to the Homeschool Connect participants.  

Five journalists from WORLD Magazine—Nick Eicher, Mary Reichard, Megan Basham, Paul Butler and Kent Covington—will discuss current events around the world. John Stonestreet, a well-known author and speaker on apologetics, culture, worldview, theology and education, will also discuss a relevant social cultural topic.

Woods said he can feel the energy and excitement in the room during the live podcasts.

While the podcast is generally for people who hold a biblical worldview, Woods said it is also for non-Christians. WORLD’s team of journalists keep audiences accurately informed of current events and how they are affecting regular people.

After the program, the journalists will be available in the Welcome Center to meet guests.  

Woods said that it is important for Christians to be journalists and stay informed on current events because it aids in the renewing of the mind, as Romans 12:2 commands. WORLD Magazine encourages Christians with stories of individuals, churches and organizations that are struggling through difficult situations.

Free registration is available for the entire program or just the podcast event.