Balancing Work and School

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Student worker in the library

Making your own money at this stage in your life is a good feeling. But working and having to deal with school is not that easy. Some of us struggle financially and have to work in order to pay for our school bill. Others work because they want extra money to go out or to have it ready in case of an emergency.

According to a study made by MHA (Mental Health America), about half of all full-time students have jobs besides school. Learning to balance the two is a struggle, but it is an achievable goal. Professionals recommend that full-time students should work a maximum of 10-15 hours a week so that they will have time to go to classes and fulfill their assignments.

The main tool for students who want to balance school and work is the mastery of time management. Often the conflict comes after working for three hours and taking four hours of classes the same day; we want to rest and have a mental break, but there are still assignments due for the next day. The best way to attack this problem is to build a schedule of the things that need to be done; then you will realize how much spare time you have in your hands.

Another good solution is to try to find a job on campus. There are many benefits to an on-campus job, such as flexibility around your school schedule and having supervisors who understand the challenges of dealing with work and school at the same time. Another benefit is that transportation won’t be a problem, because you will do school and work in the same location.

Clearly, balancing school and work is not an easy task, but it is something you can work on and master. Learning how to manage your time is the key to success in both your school and your job. And for the most flexible experience, try to find a job on-campus that will let you save time and travel.