A Letter of Thanks from Local ED Worker

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Dear fellow believers,

I am quite grateful for your prayers as I work diligently in the Greenville area to address this disease. I confess that my concern has grown during this pandemic from believing it unlikely to spread to this area to an increasing realization that we are seeing community spread, as well as patients we first thought would be almost without symptoms suffer from life-threatening pneumonia.

I work in the Emergency Department at a large regional healthcare system in Greenville, and recently, work has been unlike anything I have ever experienced. Volume in the Emergency Department has decreased overall, likely due to trepidation from individuals who would otherwise seek treatment there. Yet the number of individuals who seek care related to this disease has steadily increased.

Graciously, God has kept my family and me both safe from this illness to date. While protective equipment in the hospitals is lacking, I am grateful for heavenly provision and calm that God has given to keep our local community from experiencing high peaks so far. Again, thank you for your prayers. And as many of my colleagues have stated, I commit to continue to be here for you. Please commit to staying home and well for me.

Brad Reeder
Class of ’05