Modifications Made for Classes

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BJU aspires to deliver a high-value learning experience to each student, focus instruction on the BJU Premium (biblical worldview, exceptional academics, experiential learning and life coaching) and create significant community among students and faculty through learning experiences. The best way to do this is through a normal residential experience.

This information will be updated with any changes.

Class Delivery

  • Faculty have been actively working on a variety of contingency plans and are prepared to deliver instruction if circumstances change over the semester.
  • Each faculty member will use Canvas to provide consistency among classes. For each class, Canvas will contain the syllabus, assignments in the course, due dates and all grades assigned. Course assignments will be grouped into modules.
  • Faculty will maintain regular office hours. The syllabus for each class will indicate whether these will be in-person and/or virtually via Teams.

Face Coverings

  • It is likely that students will be asked to wear face coverings in the hallways of academic buildings. Depending on physical distancing in a classroom and the preference of the instructor, some students will be able to remove the face coverings during class. Face covering requirements for a specific class will be communicated by the instructor.

Physical Distancing

  • Fixed-seating classrooms such as lecture rooms, Stratton Hall, etc., are capped at 50% occupancy. Students will occupy at maximum every other seat.
  • Tablet desks have been spaced out to allow for an aisle between seats.


  • If a student is isolated waiting for a COVID-19 test result or has received a positive test result, faculty will be prepared to provide a means for them to access class content through a recording of the class, alternative assignments or attending the class “live” via Teams.
  • A student isolated for COVID-19 or exposure should contact their faculty immediately so faculty can execute their plans for teaching the student.
  • If a faculty member is isolated because of COVID-19, they have made plans so that the learning experience is not interrupted.