2024 Vintage Dedicated to Bruce Polhamus and Dan Boone

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 30, 2024) – The Bob Jones University yearbook staff announced today the dedication of the 2024 Vintage to longtime staff members, Bruce Polhamus and Dan Boone, in the Video Services department. 

Bruce Polhamus has made an indelible mark on the University family through his steadfast dedication and artistic ability. 

Born in Riverside, New Jersey, he graduated from BJU in 1976 with a BS in Cinema. His passion for visual storytelling in the Christian film industry led him to pursue an MA in Cinema, which he earned in 1977. 

Bruce’s career began in Unusual Films, BJU’s former motion picture studio, where he applied his God-given artistic gifts to promote the University and eventually served as lead animator. 

In 1973, he was thrilled to learn animation firsthand from a former Disney animator as Unusual Films produced BJU’s first animated promotional film, For All the Right Reasons. Bruce’s gifts of storytelling, drawing and animation became immediately apparent when he began working on promotional films for the University, and his expertise garnered him recognition among colleagues. 

Bruce’s artistic prowess extended to the creation of a short film titled The Golden Rom, an animated cartoon following three chipmunks and their harrowing adventure across campus. His influence also reached feature films, where he adeptly handled special effects and curated rolling credit sequences.

Additionally, Bruce utilizes his skills to produce numerous promotional videos, showcasing campus life and special occasions. These videos enable students and alumni to recall cherished memories from their experience at BJU and showcase the University to prospective students. When the University closed Unusual Films in 2016, Bruce transferred to the marketing department.

“As a person, Bruce consistently characterizes Christ in his everyday living,” says a close friend and colleague. “His family reflects his godly walk, and whether in the office or elsewhere, Bruce is concerned about others and maintains a genuine interest in their well-being.” This Christlike humility was further acknowledged when, in 2019, Bruce and his wife Laura were honored with the Student Body Staff Appreciation Award, a testament to the couple’s love of and faithful service to the university family.

Bruce is also an educator, teaching courses on Adobe software and multimedia production. His commitment to lifelong learning is evident in his utilization of Adobe’s After Effects and Photoshop, which he incorporates into his films and presentations. 

As technology has changed throughout his tenure, Bruce has likewise adapted his methods. He quickly becomes an expert in current media technologies and the tools required to produce media. However, despite these great and rapidly changing technological advancements, Bruce remains an animator at heart.

“I know Bruce loves the Lord,” says a former colleague. “And I know his desire is to promote and serve BJU as best as he can through his gift of motion graphics for the last fifty years for the glory of God. I’m so blessed to call Bruce my friend.” Beyond his role at the University, Bruce and his wife, Laura, engage in nursing home ministries, and they faithfully serve in their home church.

Throughout his over 47-year ministry at BJU, Dan Boone has utilized film as a medium to share the gospel message. 

Born in Somers Point, New Jersey, Dan graduated from BJU in 1977 with a BS in Radio and Television Broadcasting. Thirty years later, his passion for visual storytelling led him to pursue an MA in Cinema and Visual Production, which he earned in 2011. 

Dan spent 37 ½ years in BJU’s TV Ministries. His career began on the University’s television program Show My People, a weekly production designed to challenge viewers to rely confidently on the Lord; the program aired from January 1977 to January 1987. Throughout the ten-year course of the show, Dan supervised the lighting and camera operation. He served as the show’s production manager and editor from 1977-79, then as producer and director from 1979-86.

When Show My People concluded, Dan continued to guide the TV production department through a variety of video productions, including promotional films that highlighted BJU’s educational programs. He recorded and edited numerous stage productions and produced videos alongside BJU Press. Dan has worked on the video team in the marketing department for the last ten years.

Additionally, Dan’s expertise in media production extends to his pivotal role in streaming various events on campus. “Dan’s leadership continues to propel us to the top,” says one athletic coach. “We continue to hear accolades from our BJU constituency as well as from our guests about the quality and excellence that our broadcasts demonstrate.”

Dan’s behind-the-scenes role on campus does not go unnoticed. His Christlike humility was acknowledged when, in 2014, he was honored with the Student Body Staff Appreciation Award, a testament to his love of and faithful service to the university family.

Dan’s passion for television broadcasting extends to his role as a mentor. “He has welcomed the opportunity to help students get practical experience in video production,” says a friend and colleague. “At various times, he has assisted the cinema and journalism departments in their efforts to provide hands-on training to the students in production lighting, camera operation, and video editing.”

For their humble spirits, ongoing commitment to Bob Jones University, and desire to show Christ in everything they do, the Vintage staff was honored to dedicate the 2024 edition to Bruce Polhamus and Dan Boone.