Program Snapshot: Computer Science

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Students in BJU's computer science program work on a problem

If you like technology and problem-solving and want to help others, then Bob Jones University’s computer science program might be a good fit for you. “Computer software development and problem-solving are two major components of computer science,” Dr. Jim Knisely, head of BJU’s department of computer science, said.

As a computer science student, you will learn how to write software to help people and businesses. This could be done by automating mundane tasks. Software also can bridge the gap between people. Technology research and problem-solving are other parts of computer science.

What Classes Will I Take?

If students are unsure if computer science is a good fit, Digital Literacy with an Intro to Programming or Introduction to Computer Programming expose students to programming. “Our students learn problem-solving skills through writing different computer programs,” Knisely said. Students learn to use Python, a programming language, which is often used by scientists and by non-programmers. Even if students switch programs, they can use their skills.

All freshmen take Object-Oriented Programming I. One of the highlights of this class is the team project. Students design and write a program for a computer game, complete with graphics.

Because almost everyone uses computers, computer science is flexible and customizable. Computer science can be used in any field, whether it’s a numerical study for mathematics or a language study for communications. Students can take electives in almost any subject. Knisely advises students to think about what they want to do and to use their electives strategically. “If you want to pick electives that are going to help you get into a particular field, you need to be thinking where you want to be two years (after) graduation,” Knisely said.

Are There Any National Tests I Have to Take?

Students do not have to take any national tests, but seniors can be certified in a program as part of their computer science seminar. In the past, students have been certified in areas such as Java programming, computer security, networking and Amazon Web Services.

What are the Main Principles That a Student in this Program will Learn?

Students learn the fundamentals of computer science. They answer questions like, what is a data structure? Or what is a database?

BJU’s computer science program also has a strong emphasis on communication and morals. “(Students) develop a competency in communicating technical information both orally or in written form,” Knisely said. BJU challenges its students to think critically on technology — the good, the bad and the moral.

Where Can I Get Involved?

Several computer science students provide technical support to the Vintage, BJU’s yearbook. Others are involved in BJU’s intercollegiate programming team. The programming team competes against teams across the U.S. and around the globe. Many students often choose to volunteer on an open-source project. Seniors also do internships, such as front- or back-end development for websites, software development, or research on an idea or product for a company.

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What Kind of Jobs Are Available After Graduation?

“The computer science field allows you to develop software and solve problems that impact and intersect with every area of life,” Knisely said.

A wide variety of jobs are available for those in the computer science field. Working for startups, running your own business or working on national security are a few of the options. BJU has had graduates work for companies such as the NSA, Answers in Genesis and Microsoft.

“Studying computer science,” Knisely said, “gives you an opportunity to impact large amounts of people positively for the glory of God.”